It’s nice to buy a fruit set and try different kinds of fruits in one anonymous box. All of the selected fruits were one level higher in taste than the fruits you buy at the supermarket. The taste of citrus is outstanding. Each fruit has a perfect balance of sugar content and sourness, and is rich and satisfying.

Great deal 2020-05-12 Shimo (a woman in her 40s) As expected, it was a fruit and vegetable shop, and the freshness was perfect, and they even added a bonus, which gave me a great deal of value. I’m excited about what to make!

Fresh and fine vegetables 2020-05-09 K. (women in their 40s) This is the season for this big fresh cabbage! It’s sweet and delicious, and the kids are eating it. I’m very impressed that you delivered a cardboard box containing lots of fresh vegetables that I’ve never seen before at a supermarket. Thank you very much for the extra vegetables. I’d like to ask you again.

Set of stability 2020-05-08 KN (50-year-old woman) All of them are of high quality and feel good when you open the box.

Vegetable Flight 2020-05-03 Key (female in her 50s) arrived right after I ordered it, and I was surprised at the weight of each item. I was surprised that the cabbages were so sweet at this time of year! The burdock was soft and delicious. Thank you very much for the service. I look forward to working with you again next time.

Birthday present 2020-07-06 Makoma (60s, female) I chose this as my first birthday present for my husband after my daughter got married. As soon as it arrived, my son-in-law sent me a picture, and as soon as I opened it, I ate a grain. I was happy to hear that it was a big and splendid Shine Muscat. I’m glad I asked for it here. To place an order at home

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